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Information for Authors

Terms and conditions of publication

  • The authors grant the Publisher of Russia and the West: a dialogue of cultures the right to publish their articles in the Journal (by signing a contract) and to include the full-text versions of the article into the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).
  • The author of the article has the exclusive right to it regardless of the Editor’s right to use the Journal in general.
  • Editors place the author’s name, position held and place of work, phone number and e-mail as well as the article title, abstract and key words on the journal’s website http://regionalstudies.ru/journal.html
  • The editorial office also includes full-text versions of the articles into the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) and places them on the journal’s website.
  • There are no royalties or publication fees.
  • Articles of no more than 40 000 characters in their online version may be submitted for publication. All articles have to be formatted according to the Publisher’s requirements (Formatting)
  • Submitted articles are not returned. No reviews are sent. Editors do not enter into correspondence with authors.
  • By submitting an article for publication the author agrees to the terms and conditions above.

Reviewing manuscripts submitted to the Journal

  • All manuscripts submitted to the Journal are reviewed independently.
  • The Chief Editor (deputy chief editor) checks the article for academic relevance, the required formatting and directs it to the reviewer with the closest specialist area or to a member of the editorial board.
  • If the article is not related to the journal topics, the author is informed of it is rejection.
  • Deadlines for reviews vary and are decided by the Chief Editor individually, with instant publication being a priority.
  • Reviewing is anonymous, the author of the article has no access to the reviewer’s text.
  • Reviewers are informed that the submitted manuscripts are the authors’ intellectual property and constitute confidential information. Privacy compromise is only possible if there is a statement of the materials being unreliable or false.
  • Authors must guarantee that the published manuscripts are of high quality and that the information they contain (facts, quotations, proper names and references) is correct, up-to-date and complete.
  • Reviewers recommend that the submitted manuscript is published or sent back for revision. The revised article must be returned to the editorial office as recommended by the editor (secretary).
  • If the author refuses to accept the reviewer’s opinion, he or she may send their arguments to the editorial office. In this case the article might be sent for another revision or to the Board of Editors.
  • Minor stylistic or formal changes to articles are made without the authors’ consent.
  • The Chief Editor or the Board of Editors, if necessary, decide on the publication of the manuscripts after they have been reviewed. In case the article is rejected, the Editors send the author their explanations.
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